TruVision has a lot of health supplement products on the market. However, many people do not know a lot about it because it has primarily focused on their products and services. Consequently, there arose a need to do check out TruVision reviews and to take a deeper look into their company and products as it would help more people to know about TruVision and about the products that they offer.

This organization provides various health supplements that target a variety of issues such as improving cardiovascular health and blood chemistry through their product (Trufix). Another popular health supplement is the TruSlumber which helps to promote better sleep. Others supplements are beneficial in helping to free the radicals in the body and improving the health of joints.

However, the FDA, through a letter in September 2015, warned people against the TruWeight and TruEnergy supplement which helps in weight loss. They stated that this supplement was not fit for consumption as it had a stimulant whose effects resembled that of ephedrine. This led to many people questioning the legitimacy of the organization and their products. Although the supplement has a structure that is similar to that of ephedrine, all the people who had previously used it had not experienced any harmful side effects. Thus, some people wondered why the FDA hurriedly put a ban on the drug yet they have allowed for the continuous supply of cigarettes and alcohol, whose effects are actually harmful to the health of the user.

In order to ensure the products are healthy and safe to use, TruVision has put in place some changes to the products that they are making. For instance, the Tru Weight and Energy products have DMAA. DMAA has been proven to be safe and can be consumed without causing effects which are detrimental to the user’s health.

TruVision reviews

All about TruFIX

This TruVision review seeks to also look into how TruFIX can help those seeking to boost their blood chemistry, regulate the levels of sugar in the blood and facilitate the proper functioning of the liver. The active ingredients include: magnesium, cinnulin, copper, raspberry ketones, alpha lipoic acid, and chromium. Each one of these ingredients has their own benefits as will be discussed below.

Magnesium – essential in the body as it helps in lowering both the blood pressure and the sugar levels. Consequently, magnesium supplements are very helpful for those with a deficiency of this vital mineral.

Cinnulin – this supplement, which is an extract of cinnamon, also helps in improving one’s blood pressure. It is also beneficial as it helps to improve the amount of glucose in the body. In addition, it plays a major role in keeping in check the levels of cholesterol in the body.

Copper- acts as an anti-oxidant and is found in most of the food that we eat.

Raspberry Ketones – have been said to be essential for weight loss as it has helped many people over the years. Recently, the company has found a reason to believe that it also good at preventing the formation of plaque in the arteries.

Chromium – can be obtained through food such as fish, cheese, broccoli, meat, and eggs, is an important nutrient. It promotes the proper functioning of the body and its organs.

How effective is TruFIX?

Given that it has helped so many people over the years, this product has actually delivered the expected results. In addition, the ingredients are not only safe but also very instrumental towards promoting good health.

What about the TruCONTROL supplement?

This supplement is said to be helpful towards facilitating fat loss and an improved body metabolism. Given that it can suppress appetite, it is an effective supplement for weight loss. TruControl is a combination of various ingredients which all contribute to its effectiveness. They include; cocoa powder, green tea extract, caffeine and yohimbine.

Cocoa powder – as much as it does not really contribute towards weight loss or improving metabolism, cocoa powder has the ability to lower blood pressure.

Green Tea Extracts – key towards boosting metabolism. It does so through the process of fat oxidation. Green tea extracts are highly recommended for those who do not take caffeine on a frequent basis.


The above are just but a few of the TruVision products, they have other products which also seek to promote good health. From many TruVision reviews as well as the research we have done, we can draw the conclusion that TruVision genuinely seeks to provide supplements which are important for the body. This is because the ingredients which are used in making the supplements are natural and can improve health.

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