Comprehensive Review of the CBD Cream: Its Benefits and Side Effects


Most people have experienced physical pain at some point in their lives. The pain can be as a result of injuries, sickness, or a result of treatment. As much as conventional medications are good for pain, most of them can lead to addiction or co-dependency especially if you are suffering from chronic pain. Besides that, they are normally injected or orally consumed hence they don’t have localized benefits.

However, there is a better and cheaper form of topical products that are made from CBD extracts. According to manufacturers, CBD creams can help to alleviate the side effects that are caused by muscle soreness, skin infections, and also acute pain. Studies have established that CBD is a high-quality and effective pain reliever. But there is a big difference between taking a CBD product and applying it topically. This article gives an overview of CBD Cream for pain.

What is CBD?

It’s a group of chemical compounds that are found in plants such as hemp. The compound is known to have antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-tumor, anti-seizure properties among others. The non-psychoactive compound has the ability to improve the user’s overall health as well as the appearance of their nails, hair, and the skin when it’s applied topically.

What is CBD Cream?

It’s an ointment or a cream that has been infused with CBD Oil. It contains a high-quality extract of the cannabis flower in addition to quality oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. The cream is usually blended with therapeutic herbs that help to ease pain e.g. lemongrass or the arnica essential oil. Generally, CBD has extracted hemp seeds and stalks and then infused with certain types of body care products that are for topical use i.e. salves, oils, lotions, and balms.

Difference between CBD Oil and CBD Cream

Both CBD Oil and CBD cream contain cannabinoid content. CBD Oil is normally administered sublingually i.e. placed under the tongue. CBD Cream, on the other hand, is normally applied on the skin. It’s a topical product

Medical Benefits of the CBD Cream

Medically, CBD Cream has tons of health benefits. The cannabinoid compound contains anti-bodies and anti-inflammatories which help to fight diseases and alleviate the pain that’s caused by various medical conditions or injuries.  It’s more effective in providing users with general pain relief when it’s applied to the target area.

It helps to reduce symptoms of chronic pain that’s caused by arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer treatment, diabetes etc. For instance, if you have sprained your ankle, you can apply the cream on the affected area and it will get to work almost immediately. CBD Cream for pain works with the CB2 receptors that are found in the skin. It’s the best option for a localized type of pain since it doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Review of the CBD Cream

It contains anti-inflammatories which are perfect for soothing worn out muscles and easing joint pains. It provides soothing sensation which helps to enhance body movements and mobility. CBD Cream for pain can also be used to treat skin conditions such as:

  • Skin burns
  • Eczema
  • Rashes
  • Psoriasis and
  • Skin infections

If you think where you will find them, you can buy cbd oil and cbd cream from many trusted online store and trusted shop. The demand they are increasing among the peoples. Many countries are legalizing cbd products for their medical benefits.

How CBD Cream Provides Pain Relief

There are a few ways which CBD cream can provide pain relief. They include desensitizing the pain receptors, reducing the body’s inflammatory response, and increasing the natural level of endocannabinoids in the body.

Starting with endocannabinoids, these are natural signals which are used to maintain homeostasis. They are responsible for regulating and detecting pain, memory, hunger, and mood. It increases the levels of endocannabinoids that are responsible for providing pain relief. By reducing the inflammatory response, your body will be able to heal without your experiencing so much pain. Lastly, the body has pain receptors which send signals to the brain. CBD works by downregulating and desensitizing the nerve endings that are responsible for sensing pain.

When the CBD Cream is applied on the affected area, it gets absorbed into the body. Although the absorption process may take longer, the benefits also last for a long period of time. The targeted pain relief mechanism means that its effectiveness in alleviating the side effects of pain are better.  Note that the creams aren’t absorbed into the skin and then into the bloodstream. They are normally absorbed by the skin’s top layer and that’s why they are known as topical.

Side Effects of CBD Cream

Using CBD Cream for pain has no any inherent side effects. So, if you have a sensitive cream then you may end up suffering an allergic reaction to ingredients such as beeswax, vitamin E oil, and olive oil among others. Some people may end up with:

  • Rashes
  • Reddened skin
  • Dry skin etc.

Overall, these ingredients are good for the skin and most people are unlikely to suffer from any side effects. The only time people may experience side effects of CBD is if they take it orally, vape, or smoke it.

The Bottom Line

CBD Cream for pain is a cost-effective alternative for conventional medical products. It provides localized health benefits by specifically working on the targeted area. Note that CBD Cream doesn’t have psychoactive agents hence it won’t make you high. It’s a safe and effective medical alternative that has long-lasting benefits to the user.

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