Detailed Overview of Online Shopping: Types of Retailers & How It Works


Online Shopping

It’s the purchasing of products by consumers on the internet. Customers simply go online, search for their favorite retailer website and then select what they need. After making online payments, the products are usually shipped to the consumer’s address.

Why People Like Buying Things Online

There are many reasons why people like to purchase things online. For instance, it provides consumers with convenience. A person can search and find the products that they need without leaving their location. There are also no queues which can be tiring and annoying especially during sales and holiday seasons. People like to buy things online because of the large product variety. You can easily find whatever item you are looking for by simply putting the product name on the search tab.

Which Retailers Provide Online Shopping

There is a wide range of retailers who sell products online. From local entrepreneurs to big international brands, there number of retailers is massive. These retailers do home delivery, to store that’s found nearby, office and other desired places. Some of the top e-commerce outlets which are known globally are:


Since it was first founded in 1994, Amazon has become a household name for online shoppers. Although its beginnings were very humble, Amazon is currently the top online shop globally. At the current moment, it’s the top business unit with the largest revenue collection.


This Chinese giant has significantly grown to become one of the top online shops. Alibaba operates in more than 200 countries around the globe. The multinational business conglomerate is a leading platform for wholesale trade worldwide.


This is one of the oldest ecommerce sites. EBay was first opened in 1995 and it has grown exponentially from then. The retail giant carries business operations all over the world and it was the first online shop to introduce the concept of e-commerce.


It’s among the top online shops in the world. Taobao has a large user base of more than 500 million subscribers. The Alibaba Group is Taobao’s parent company. Buyers can purchase products such as gadgets, jewelry, furniture, footwear, and many others from this platform.


It’s a popular shopping destination in the US. Its growth has been great and it offers buyer’s products such home appliances, electronics, fashion apparels groceries, crafts and gifts, among others. Walmart is also popular with coupons or discounts.

Types of Retailers & How It Works

The Bangladesh E-commerce

One part of the world that is quickly embracing e-commerce is Bangladesh. As of 2017, this sector was expected to grow by almost 75 percent. The availability of 3G and 4G internet means that more people are rapidly adopting e-shopping. Its e-commerce sector is said to be more than $110 million. Some of the leading e-commerce sites that have changed the face of online shopping bd are Banglashoppers, Chaldal, Daraz, Bagdoom, and Pickaboo among others

About Banglashoppers

It’s one of the most renowned e-shops in Bangladesh. Banglashoppers has changed the e-commerce sector of this region thanks to its high-quality makeup and other cosmetic products. For cosmetic lovers, online shopping bd with Banglashoppers is an amazing and unique experience that comes with a lot of convenience.

Products are sold in various categories which include the Makeup Shop, Grooming Shop, Hair Care Shop which has hair products like hair color, shampoos, styling gel etc. The Makeup Shop stocks products for the face, eye makeup, lipsticks etc. while the Kids & Baby Shop has child-oriented products like baby oil. There is the Perfume Shop, the Fashion Accessorie section, Bath & Body Shop as well as Health & Beauty Shop.

Banglashoppers has everything for skincare and Fashion Accesorie. Its products are cost-friendly and they are legit. They are normally imported right from the manufacturers some of whom include Ofra, Mary –Lou, Jeffree Star and many others.

How Online Shopping Works

Online shopping means that the consumer/client purchases things over the internet. For buyers, they need to have a steady internet connection, an account with a secure password and credit card. Additionally, buyers may also be required to give out their mobile phone number and email address. In order to make purchases, the buyer will be required to go through the product catalog and then put the products that they want in the shopping cart. After that, they will make payments using the credit or debit card and wait for shipping.

Paying For Products in Online Shopping

When it comes to paying for products which have been shopped from e-Shops, the sellers usually asks for the credit or debit card details. This is usually the name that’s on the card, credit card number (usually 16 digits), a number (3-digits) that’s found at the back and the expiry date of the card. When giving out your card details, ensure that the site is secure. Its web address should have an –https- and not just –http. The s in the former http address means that is secure and therefore your personal details are secure.

Consumer Awareness in Online Shopping

  • Most people do not agree that the mode of e-commerce offers better services.
  • Most people some-what agree that reading product reviews can influence purchases.
  • A lot of buyers usually prefer product delivery on their doorsteps.
  • A huge percentage of people strongly disagree that there a wide product variety in online shops.
  • Most people are not sure if online shops sell products at cheaper prices


Shopping for products online is generally great. The wide product catalog, convenience and the cost-effectiveness of products which are purchased online is what usually attracts consumers. This type of shopping is continuously growing and it’s expected to still expand by billions.

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