In response to the huge demand for effective weight loss tools, the weight loss industry has supplied all kinds of meal replacement shakes. While these shakes should work the same, the truth is that they do not and some stand out from the rest when it comes to effectiveness and overall benefits to the body. If you are looking for the best meal replacement shakes that money can buy, look no further. Below is a detailed review of 5 best meal replacement shakes in the market. These shakes have been tried and tested and many are proven to be great for weight loss and overall body health.

310 Shake

The 310 shake is the only shake that comes with a blend of 3 proteins, all of them plant-based. This makes it quite rich in protein and a serving contains 15 grams of protein. The fact that all proteins are plant-based means that 310 Shake is ideal for everyone including vegetarians.

Total Lean Shake

By all standards, this is a well-balanced shake. The shake is quite rich in protein which means that it delivers adequate energy to keep you going for about three hours. This is also one of the richest shakes when it comes to fiber. Each serving of the Total Lean Shake delivers about 8 grams of fiber.

The only downside with this shake that takes away from its “best meal replacement shakes” rating is the addition of maltodextrin. This is added in order to boost the carbohydrates levels in the shake. Though there is nothing wrong with maltodextrin, there are better sources of carbohydrates available in nature that do not need to be artificially flavored or sweetened to make them palatable.

Yoli YES Shake

This is a high protein shake that is often recommended for those looking to build and maintain some muscle mass. A serving of the shake delivers about 12 grams of protein among a multitude of other essential minerals. The shake is sweetened with stevia which makes it quite healthy. At 90 calories, it is also one of the few shakes that contain less than 100 calories per serving.

Though this shake is primarily made using high-quality ingredients, it also features Guar Gum. This ingredient is quite controversial and has been found to potentially cause digestive problems. If you choose to use the YES shake, ensure that you take a lot of water and healthy fluids to limit the possibility of negative side effects.

Ideal Shake

This is one of the top-selling meal replacement shakes in the market. The ideal shake is primarily made of whey protein and milk isolate. The shake is quite solid when it comes to proteins and a single serving delivers about 11 grams of protein. It also comes fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

The Ideal Shake shines when it comes to taste and available flavors. From users, the shake is quite tasty and it helps that it comes in 8 different flavors. Ideal shake is also low in sugar. The main downside with this shake is that it contains sucralose. Also, the shake is quite thin. Though the shake mixes well with most beverages, it results into a rather thin shake that is just slightly thicker than water.


As the name suggests, this shake is primarily made of whey protein. A single serving delivers 15 grams of protein and this combined with the high fiber results into a delicious and filling shake. The shake also comes with superfoods that are known to deliver a good portion of the nutrients the body requires for optimal health. Even better, the shake is fortified with probiotics not to mention the fact that it is also gluten-free.

IsoWhey has a diabetics formula specifically designed to meet the needs of people suffering from diabetes. It has been proven to work and many have used the IsoWhey shake to achieve their weight loss goals. The only downside is that it contains whey protein and some people may have a problem with this protein.

Bottom Line

Aside from the protein, the 310 shake comes with a greens blend that contains over 20 essential minerals and vitamins. A serving of the shake also contains 5 grams of fiber and just 7 grams of carbohydrates. The shake is sugar-free, gluten-free and 100% natural. It is, therefore, safe to say that this is among the best meal replacement shakes that are not only great for weight loss but also very good for the body.

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