Home Made Diet Shakes

In the current world, people put in a lot of effort to keep themselves and their families healthy. They try to keep their daily diet as nutritious as possible. The Best diet shakes play a very important role in helping them in achieving this. These shakes are known to promote weight loss shakes at a very rapid rate.  

There are a number of online websites, which are used to say, “we provide you with the best weight loss shakes reviews or meal replacement shakes reviews”. Though many people depend on these websites to get all the necessary best diet shake reviews to become fit, it may not be useful for all of them. This is because the nutritional and caloric requirement varies with people. Hence, choosing the same product will not be beneficial to all.  

Before selecting the best diet shakes, people should be well aware of the requirements of their body. A wrong selection can make people nutrition deficient. For choosing your best diet shake, read this best diet shake reviews. 

Choosing the Right Home Made Diet Shake

People follow a wide variety of diets to maintain their health. Consuming the same type of shake for all the types of diet will only be a lack of time and money. People following each type of diet will also have a different type of diet shake which is ideal for them.  

If a person feels that the diet shakes, he has chosen is not doing him any good in terms of the weight reduction, then it may be because he has selected the wrong shake for himself. Some of the different types of diet followed by the people are – a vegan diet, ketogenic diet, raw food diet, vegetarian diet, zone diet, and Atkins diet.  

There are also many varieties of shakes available in the market with the varying amounts of the different types of nutrients such as Slim Fast shakes, protein-rich shakes, etc. Hence identifying the right diet shake is an important criterion to reduce the excess pounds.

Some of the Common Home Made diet shake Recipes

Low Carbohydrate Diet Shakes – This is one of the common shakes preferred by almost all the people.  A majority of the people usually follow low-carbohydrate diets to prevent weight gain. These types of shakes are available in almost all the stores today. It is not always necessary to buy these expensive products from the markets. These shakes are pretty easy to be made at home. A number of recipes are available over the internet nowadays.  

Cinnamon smoothie

A sample recipe for a cinnamon smoothie is given below:  


1) Almond milk – 1 cup  

2) Vanilla Protein Powder – 2 tablespoons  

3) Cinnamon – teaspoon  

4) Vanilla Extract – ¼ teaspoon  

5) Sweetener – 4 teaspoons  

6) Flax meal – 1 teaspoon  

7) Ice cubes – 1 cup  

Blend and smoothen all the ingredients in a blender for 30 seconds. The cinnamon shake is ready to use.


Vegan diet shakes 

This is the best diet shake for those who are on a vegan diet. These types of shakes can be made using soymilk, rice milk, tofu, etc. These shakes are both healthy and tasty. The recipe for one of the most commonly used vegan shake is shown below.  


1) Almond milk – 1 cup  

2) Ripe Sliced Banana – 1  

3) Frozen mixed fruits like strawberry, papaya, etc. – 1 cup  

4) Coconut Oil – 1tablespoon  

5) Chia Seed– 1-2 teaspoons  

6) Flax meal – 1 teaspoon  

7) Powdered Ginger – 1 teaspoon  

This smoothie is commonly used for breakfasts. Mix all the ingredients together and smoothen it using a blender to get the perfect vegan smoothie.  

Low-calorie diet shake 

Diet Shake reviews for the People Who Prefer Low-Calories– This type of diet is very common in people who are concerned about their weight. By avoiding artificial sweeteners and desserts, the high-calorie consumption can be prevented to a certain extent. Given below is one of the best recipes for a low-calorie diet shake.  

Ingredients :

1) Fresh Blueberries – 1 cup  

2) Raspberries, fresh or frozen – cup  

3) Sliced and cooked beets – 1/3 cup  

4) Nonfat Greek Yogurt – ¼ cup  

5) Fresh Orange Juice – ¼ cup  

6) Light agave nectar – 1 teaspoon  

Mix the ingredients together in a blender to get a thick and smooth low-calorie diet shake.  

Bottom line 

Today, a number of similar meal replacement shakes reviews or weight loss shakes reviews are available on the internet from which people can easily choose the right shake for them. Hence, whenever deciding on a shake, try to find out if it will be beneficial for your current diet or not. It will also be better if the diet shakes are prepared at homes rather than from the stores. The shakes made with the natural ingredients will be the best for the health of the people. 

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