Pressed powder is almost on every person’s makeup bag, but its real function is most of the time misunderstand, and confused about other products such as loose powder, and setting powder, but they couldn’t have more differences. The pressed powder has thicker particles, it is semi-solid, and contains ingredients like silicones, and waxes, and unlike loose powder that can be translucent, people who wear pressed powder normally buy it on their own skin tone. Pressed powder can be used alone without foundation for a more natural look, the process to apply it is quite easy which is why it is an essential for every newbie makeup lover, some of the benefits the pressed powder provide are:

  • Mattifies the skin.
  • Controls the shine.
  • Provides more precision.
  • Helps the makeup to stay in place.
  • Allows the makeup to last longer.
  • It can be used on its own without foundation.

How to apply the pressed powder

There are two ways to apply it:

Using it without foundation

  • Use a big brush like a Kabuki, which has a large surface area.
  • Gently tap the product onto your skin.
  • Swep the product into big strokes.

Using it to finish the makeup

  • Most of the pressed powders como with a sponge, but using it can result in a cakey effect.
  • The most recommended choice in this case is to use a small powder brush.
  • Apply the product in the T-zone or the oilliest zones in the face.

Best pressed powders in the market

There are so many brands, and types of pressed powder that it is hard to choose the right one so, here is the best selection of pressed powders, for all skin types, and concerns.

W7 pressed powder

This makeup company is specialized in providing good quality products in affordable prices. These are the pressed powders that this brand offers:

  • Banana dreamin’ pressed powder: This product comes with a delicious scent of banana, a has a yellow tone, and it’s mean to finish the makeup, and give a glowy look.
  • Set it up! Special FX pressed powder: This one combines the benefits of two products, the finishing powder, and the pressed powder, it has a translucent tone so, it works for every skin tone, it is perfect to wear without foundation because it gives a brightening, and matte look. Use it under the eyes to have a glow look, or in the T-zone to control shine.
  • Puff perfection: This podwer has a soft texture, perfect to provide a lightweight, but also has a long lasting coverage with a brighten look.
  • Ebony blotting pressed powder: This brand is focused of dark skin complexions, and provides a matte look.

L.A Girl cosmetics

This is one of the most famous drugstore companies in the world, it provides makeup that can be used from the newest beauty junkie, to the professional makeup artist. It has a great face powder that it is considered the best pressed powder for oily skin.

  • PRO face matte pressed powder: This product can be used without foundation, or with one to provide a better coverage, it has an oil controlling formula that works wonder for people with oily skin.
    Absolute New York.
  • HD Flawless press-finishing powder: As its name indicates it provides a flawless finishing look, it is suitable for people with visible pores because it has a matte effect, it comes in a translucent tone, and it is long lasting.

Ofra cosmetics

This makeup company works on creating products that enhance the true beauty of everyone of their customers. They have 2 pressed powders:

  • Oil control pressed powder: This product is created for those people that have a shiny skin, and an excessive oil production, it provides a mattifying look. It is cruelty-free.
  • Pressed Banana powder: This powder has multiple functions, it doesn’t only has the common benefits of every pressed powder, but it is also able to work as an eyeshadow, to set foundation, conceal the under-eye area, set the concealer, and act as a highlighter if applied to certain areas of the face (brigde of the nose, eye zone, brow bone, forehead, and chin). It has a great banana scent.

Technic cosmetics

This brand works on creating products for every situation, from the most causal moments, to the most fancy ones, and offers affordable products with a high-class quality.

  • Technic water resistant powder: This soft powder has a lightweight texture that provides a long lasting result, but keeping it natural, and effortless, as it name indicates it resist rain, sweat, and humidity. It is vegan-friendly.
  • Technic superfine translucent pressed powder: It is suitable for people with visible pores, fine lines, wrinkles, as well as other imperfections. It blends easily, and works to set the foundation, and make it last longer.
  • Technic color correcting setting powder: It works on every skin tone, it has both the functions of a pressed powder, and a setting powder, it works well to reduce the color imperfections of the skin such as the dark circles, red tones in sensitivity skin, or another pigmentation problem, it can also work as a highlighter to acentuate the features.

Where to buy these products

You can find any of these makeup products in their official website and also on Amazon, where you can search for your skin tone, as well as choose the one that fits most with your skin concerns,

Finale words

The pressed powder is an important makeup product that has to be used in a smart way, when it is used to mattify the oily zones it sets the makeup, and makes it last longer, but when it is used alone it works as a light coverage powder foundation, perfect for everyone who is starting in the makeup world, or wants to wear a casual makeup. If it is used in excess the face can get a cakey look that nobody wants to get. This article provides a well elaborated list of pressed powders for every skin type, and concern.

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