The Best Flooring Solution to Replace an Allergen-Infested Carpet

Best Flooring Solution

An untidy, dingy and foul-smelling carpet is one of the conspicuous signs you require a flooring change. Still, prior to these visible signs of an old carpet, there are numerous challenges, which can be concealed from your eyes in the fibers. In essence, every strand can get infused with dirt and dust originating from constant foot traffic, pets and even children. Not to mention the residual substances of the outdoors that can find their way into your perfect home over time. It is very important for you to understand that regular vacuuming and cleaning will not eliminate all the underlying contaminants.

Carpets and indoor allergies 

Statistics from the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America indicate that approximately 50 million Americans are affected by indoor allergens. Some of the most commonplace symptoms for these health concerns are itchy and watery eyes, wheezing, sneezing, skin rashes and even eczema. The usual culprits that give rise to these health issues include dust, mold as well as pet hair. In some extreme circumstances, indoor allergens have been reported to trigger potentially fatal health conditions like chronic asthma attacks. However, for the most part, the repercussions of indoor allergies are just inconvenient and irritating in nature. Dust is composed of dirt along with skin cells, which is the food dust mites thrive on. Dust does harbor a wide variety of allergens, and the residues left by organisms such as dust mites is equally dangerous too. Dust can be able to settle almost everywhere in the home, including on furniture and other household articles as well. Yet the most notorious regions, where dirt collects and dust mites breed is, without doubt, the carpet. Carpets are some of the most common flooring options when it comes to lining large swathes of homes together with business premises. But these flooring solutions are also noted for been in a position of contaminating the air you breathe with allergens on a daily basis. In most cases than not, many individuals who come into direct contact with these indoor allergens can be affected healthwise. As such, you certainly don’t wish your loved ones, friends and even employees to fall sick. The latter of whom will not be able to execute their professional duties optimally, if they are in poor health. 

Is carpet replacement a practical option to do away with indoor allergens?

The only practical solution to completely do away with the allergens which infest your carpet is to get rid of it. Nevertheless, the mere act of just replacing your carpet with a newer one can only be a temporary solution. Over the passage of time, dust will continue to accumulate and in the long run, make the new carpet as hazardous as the one you replaced. Still, as is fortunately the case, there is a wide variety of other alternative flooring options that are highly acclaimed for been unable to harbor contaminants. Some of the most notable of these are carpet stores Indianapolis laminate, hardwood, bamboo or even tile floors. The exact material and style of the flooring option you pick is a matter of personal preferences and tastes. Yet, hardwood flooring has always been in fashion and will continue to be an attractive and elegant solution for centuries to come. Generally speaking, there is a great variety of wood choices as well as color options you can pick from. All of which are specifically designed to seamlessly match any personal inclinations or even interior décor schemes. Also, hardwood flooring as a very durable solution and can be able to add more value to your home or business premises for an entire lifetime.


With proper instructions, you can install hardwood floors in your home making use of DIY techniques which are awash in the Internet. However, having such flooring installations executed by the professionals in this business can be a very prudent decision, despite of the costs involved. This is mainly because the overall outcomes are always guaranteed to be elegant and long lasting in nature. When you search for professional carpet stores Indianapolis always go for the one that has accrued extensive experience and offers a host of quality flooring solutions. You should also look out for companies which can provide precise free quotes and facilitate for a top notch customer service experience. All in all, replacing your carpet with hardwood flooring will improve air quality in your home or business premises. This is simply through letting you to effectively curb indoor allergens spread with a flooring solution that is characterized by unparalleled beauty and functionality for a lifetime. 

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