Useful Information to Help You to Get Your First Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

Professional Actor Headshots

Besides an acting resume, headshots are also crucial for aspiring actors. Getting the best headshot photo will increase your chances of being invited to acting auditions. Today, Los Angeles boasts of being the home of the best headshot photographers. If you are looking forward to having the best headshot in LA, you do not have to worry anymore. Today we are going to look at useful tips that will assist you in selecting the right headshot photographer in Los Angeles.

Cost of Headshots

Having an idea of the cost of the actor headshots will allow you to plan your budget and find a good photographer that is within your budget range. In most cases, the Headshots Los Angeles prices vary significantly. The prices start at $99 to $1000 or even higher. Most of these professional photographers work independently, and it is easy to find the prices by looking at their personal profile.

Normally the prices are indicated per sessions although you can find other things that are included in the pricing. If you would want to find more information about the price, you can also contact them through the phone or email. Various photographers offer their prices in several packages. These packages can differ in a number of things including the length of the photo shoot, the number of looks, as well as printing packages.

Depending on how good the package is, they are classified into four main groups. These groups include budget, fair price, expensive and the overpriced packages. In most cases the hair makes up is not included in the packages. However, the hair makeup is usually affordable as it goes for around $100 to $200 per every person. To help you understand the groups better, let us give a detailed explanation of each of the groups.


The prices of this group range from $100-$150. This is the cheapest headshot service, and it is usually not availed by most of the photographers. If you are looking for the best headshots, these are not the most appropriate choice as their quality is not the best. Although they are great for those on a budget, we would recommend you to get a better package when you get your finances in order.


This is a great choice for beginning actors. The price ranges from $150 to $450. In LA, it is easy to find a professional photographer who offers you with great headshots without exceeding $500. We would recommend this package to novice actors as well as any other individual who would like professionally taken headshots.


This package is great for beginning actors who are looking for a quick response in the auditions. The price starts from $500-$800. If you consider that the hair makeup is not included, this package may be expensive for beginning actors who are on a budget. However, they are great for already established professional actors. The best thing about these headshots is that they are of high quality and very professional.


We categorize the overpriced packages as any package that costs more than $800. If you are not already an established actor, there is no need of going for this package. In most cases, the well-known actors and musicians prefer this package.

How to get an actor Headshots Los Angeles

Finding a professional photographer is not hard these days. The internet has revolutionalized the way things work allowing you to find almost anything fast. Today you just need to search for best Headshots Los Angeles, and a list of the professionals will pop up. All you need to do is to do in-depth research and compare different professionals to pick the one that fits your needs. Additionally, you can look for recommendations from your fellow actors or in actor’s forums.

How is the Headshot Session?

When you find the right photographer, the session is enjoyable. The first thing to do is to get ready for the shoot. After you have selected the photographer, contact them, arrange the date, and time for the headshot session. Once this has been set up, prepare in advance to get the best of the session. When the date is due, meet the photographer at the agreed time. The session can be either done indoors at the studio or outdoor. Another thing that can help you in getting the best out of the session is explaining exactly what you would want to get from the photo shoot. The session usually lasts for around 30 minutes to 2 hours unless you would want something more complicated.

After taking the headshots, the photographer will allow you to go through the work and save the photos on a USB or DVD. Additionally, you can request the photographer to print some of the headshots you liked. Finally, complete the payment and say your goodbyes.

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