Types of Headshots

Whether you are a corporate professional, business owner, Instagram blogger, an actor/actress, model etc., having a quality headshot is important. This type of picture is your first point of contact with others. It offers the first impression of your image and brand. This article highlights some of the basics of headshots.

What is Headshot?

This is simply a photograph that shows a person’s face or head and shoulders. A headshot can be for professional purposes or a promotional photograph of an author, actor or model. Note that headshots are used in different sectors including the corporate world, entertainment industry, branding, and modeling among others.

Different Types of Headshots?

There are different types of headshots which are used to highlights a person’s professional, brand, or image. These photographs are normally used in LinkedIn Profiles, Press, and PR Websites among other places. The common types of headshots include:

  • Actor headshots: Actor headshots are photographic close up for thespians that are used by agents and casting directors.
  • Professional headshots: They are professional images which are used in corporate websites for digital identity.
  • Business headshots: These are close-up portraits that are used by people with personal brands and companies.
  • Corporate headshots: They are close-up photos of a person which is designed to suit the literature of business marketing.

Tips For Perfect Headshot

Getting the perfect headshot depends on a lot of factors. Both the client and the photographer have to understand aspects such as the type of headshot, environment, lighting, wardrobe, and camera settings, among other things. Some of the tips that you can use to get the perfect headshot include:

Understand the Type of Headshot

There are four basic types of headshots. So, for you to get the perfect headshot, you have to understand the type. This will help you to dress and pose accordingly. Do you want something professional with a clean background? A classic headshot or something more candid? Well, whatever it is, it all depends on the type of headshot you want.


It doesn’t matter if you want an actor, professional, corporate, or business headshot, you have to make sure that you are relaxed. Note that the headshot needs to be as natural as possible. Take slow deep breaths and just be yourself.  According to most photographers, the best pictures are usually taken when the subject has loosened up and is more relaxed.

Practice Your Pose

Posture is key for any type of headshot. Stiff subjects and formal poses are slowly being discarded. You need to practice a pose that highlights a natural, relaxed vibe. The photographer can help you by giving you tips but you can also research about headshot posing ideas.


There are various lighting variations which influence the way the headshot will look. Some of the best lighting options include a strobe set-up, natural lighting, beauty dish, and the on-camera or the off-camera flash.

How to Get Best Headshot Photographer?


Headshot photographers, just like other photographers, need to be well-experienced in order to get the best shots. But how can you pick the best headshot photographer? Outlined below are some of their key considerations which may help you.


A photographer’s portfolio can help you to determine if they are well-experienced and can take perfect headshots. Note that a photographer’s portfolio is a collection of their work, which may include the best headshots that they have taken. The portfolio will help you to understand which theme or style the photographer is good at.

Type of Camera Lens

Note that any camera lens can be used to take photo portraits. However, a good headshot photographer should be able to know that there is lens which make headshots perfect. If you are looking for the best headshot photographer, ensure that they are using one of the following lenses: 

  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 85mm
  • 135mm
  • 24-70mm
  • 24-105mm
  • 70-200mm

What is The Cost of Headshots?

The price of headshots usually depends on the type, environment, location, and skill. There is no solid number or standardized headshot rates. However, you can use a pricing guide in order to determine the estimated cost:

  • The number of photos: Do you want one headshot or a gallery with 10 or 20 photos? Remember that headshots mainly focus on the upper body so the photographer will definitely spend a lot of time editing each one of them.
  • Different headshot photographers in your locality: This will help you to determine the average cost of a headshot.
  • Always go for packages: Photo packages are usually cheaper and you will get more headshots without spending so much.

Note: if you are a photographer and want to create a headshot package, ensure that the top packages have the best value because you want clients to choose packages that are highly priced.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the type of headshot you want, it’s important that it stands out of the crowd. The best way to get quality headshots is by using a well-experienced photographer with a good portfolio. Also, make sure that your headshot is as natural as possible with a great background.

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